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lets say i want a pimptastic awesome burger.... and some beer tonight. i have some friends in town and its my birthday.

where would the bestest burger ever be? somewhere close in? mer? great and powerful dp?
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for everyone that gave me suggestions and "yeah that would be awesomes" yesterday.... know that my date could not have gone better if walt disney wrote it!

i couldn't be happier. i am so happy i am barely relizing how tired i am.
(i was up till 3:30am and now i have to go to work! boo)

i will keep you guys updated, but i know we have already made plans to go out again!
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well, my mom seemed cool with the gay thing at FIRST, but when i left the house yesterday she asked if i needed a to make a doctors appointment.

"for what?"

"well... maybe there is something wrong that we can fix."

"no. bye mom."
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today i was driving home with my friend, a very sucessful, very gay fasion designer up in new york. i hadn't seen him in at least two years and we were jsut comeing back from seeing our friends: a married couple and a might-as-well-be married couple.

driving home he is like "girl you really need to find yourself a nice boyfriend! your so pretty, why are you alone?!"
i fumbled alittle and said i HAD a very lvoely boyfriend, but it didnt work out.
he of course was like "awww baby! you shoudl get him back!"

i tried to sorta fumblethrough saying i dont really want too... and that was the reason we broke up in the first place. i tried to say i was gay adn he looked at me like i was crazy stupid.
this from a man who was in gay porn when i met him, had the audasity to look down on me.

i was so disapointed. but more confused.
after years of me listening about all his boy problems and world issues
how is it wrong when i say it?
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i was so so close to telling my mom today. it was wide open! what am i so afraid of?

its not like she is never going to talk to me again.


why am i being such a pansy. i can't never tell my parents.....
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thanks for all your kind words and helpful sugestions.

a prose done for a literary journal


She was too strange for me, too honest and tired, but she sat on the hood of my rusted over Volvo like an anchor. I fidgeted with my hair, nervously stemming.

Her faded plaid pants melted into the car. I knew I could lift her. Move her away, but she had a field of redwoods in her eyes and I wouldn’t challenge a forest. I needed to go away from myself and any place like it. I could taste my deviation there; it had the scent of burnt cloves.

She lit a cigarette, its orange cherry kept me like a moth. But no, I had to leave because that is what my father would tell me to do. And aren’t I the type of girl to do what father says. Even the tarot cards said I would listen, wear my mother’s pearls and walk away in a stone white dress.

Yet there I was in an abandoned lot, staring down the enemy. Her eyes were frozen in green poetry. I knew I should go home. But she took my hand and told me she could take me anywhere.